Sri Vijaya Plywood Abouts,

                 A Plywoods shop to complete your needs in complete Interior and Exterior Decoration.
                                 Shree Vijaya Plywoods (SVP) is very much great pleasure to introduce them as one of the leading and largest supplier of plywoods , Glass etc., in Trichy City-Tamilnadu since 30 Successful year. SVP was highly successful supplier of plywoods, Glass , Laminates, Doors, ACP Sheets, Etc.., For more than 30 years and well Experienced in the field.
          SVP has taken upon itself the critical task of satisfying the creative needs of interior Decorators, Architect , Furniture Manufactures, Constructors, Carpenters, Building Contractors, and Customers.
              Besides Providing Superiors Quality of plywoods and other product we handle. We take special care to the customers. Anything product (that we handle) required by the customer can be provided and maintained by us and it can fulfill as per our customers needs.
               Right now we are exporting COLOMBO and looking forward in various orders to captures the place.
           SVP Followed strictly in quality rights choosing the materials from the suppliers and producer. The final dispatch of material to our customers.
            SVP Keeps In Touch with all our regular and customers and try to in corporate all their suggestion for further improvements and any other new ideas from them for our products.
             SVP sales their materials under different categories like direct sales (Customer Sales), DFealers sales (Whole Sales), Governments and other against bulk orders are obtained from satisfied customer.
           After Winning the appreciation of all kinds of people we became a undisputed leaders when it comes to quality and consistency..

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Address : 70, Madurai Road, Near Palace Theatre,
                  Trichy - 620 008,
                  Tamilnadu, India.
Telephone : +91431 - 2707505
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